I have been crafting for a number of years now, and my passion has only grown. I would make cards and papercrafts in my sleep if I could. I have made cards for a friends and family for years, and they have always said to go into business. Now I have that wonderful chance to have my dream job of full time crafter. As such, over the years I have developed a number of skills from parchment craft to using mixed media crafting. No wedding is too small, No design is too complex, all invitations and stationery are hand made to a high quality. 

With that all in mind, we would love to help you to create your vision of your perfect day. Please contact us if you wish to discuss your ideas. 

Nota bene, currently at this time we are unable to create invitations or stationery hand made letterpressed features, although currently we are in the process of perfecting our foiling aspect, after all we want your invitations to be perfect like your special day